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Mother Nature has provided two extraordinary (and very difficult) ways to get to the top of our world.

Mark George owns and operates a successful Private Wealth Management Business.

However, his real passion outside of his family and business, is to fully embrace the beauty and challenges Mother Nature has to offer.

Mark has enjoyed adventures all over the world including:

  • sea-kayaking through the icebergs of Prince William Sound in Alaska, the tropical islands of Papua New Guinea ... and even sea-kayaking across the treacherous Bass Strait from Victoria to Tasmania for charity.
  • trekking across deserts in stifling heat … and in complete contrast skied across crumbling ice-shelves in paralyzing cold to reach the Geographic North Pole.
  • climbing many awe inspiring mountains around the world in Europe, the New Zealand Alps, Africa, the Andes South America, Tibet and Nepal – including Mt Everest.
  • In his presentations, he shares some of his extraordinary experiences and many life lessons, in an inspiring, motivational and entertaining manner.

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