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There’s Two ways to get to the Top of our World Just keep walking … just keep climbing!

Mother Nature has provided two extraordinary (and very difficult) ways to get to the top of our world.

In this presentation Mark will lead his audience on an inspiring journey across frozen ice shelves to reach the Geographic North Pole, and then take them on a climb to the top of the world’s most revered peak – Mt Everest.

Apart from being a compelling adventure story, Mark uses his experiences to include powerful messages the audience can apply to make positive changes in both their business and personal lives.

Some key messages include how …

  • teamwork embeds a positive ‘can do’ attitude and a steely resolve to achieve
  • sheer persistence provides the solution to overcome any obstacles in your way
  • ‘positive self talk’ is often the difference between success and failure
  • facing your mortality gives you the greatest measure of what’s truly important in life
  • sometimes you have to risk climbing higher, just to see how high you can go
  • it’s not the size of the goal that matters – what it means to you is all that counts


Suitable for anyone who wants to be inspired; particularly suitable for managers and leaders in business.

Mark likes to know something about his audience so he can adapt his presentation accordingly.

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